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Some questioned free will vs fate and what influence and choices we have in life.

What is your definition of “Free will”?

Many believe that free will plays little to no part in what road life takes us down. Has destiny simply laid out the path and events and we are now pawns in the game of life?

Ponder this thought: “we were intelligible energy prior to this incarnation”. Imagine that we understood the many different paths we could take on this earthly plain to activate lessons for our spiritual growth. Imagine choosing your current life’s path. Imagine reviewing potential experiences to fulfill our spiritual needs through our physical existence so that we would learn and grow through significant physical and mental experiences.

If this were the case, we have taken personal control of our destiny. If we planned the lessons in life then nothing is by chance. If this is the case, life is pre-destined and fated, but we chose these fates. There would never be mistakes. We are human, without doubt, and may sway us off the intended course at times but these alternative paths may only serve to slow us down on our journey, but ultimately, we still end up at the chosen end.

Past, present and future are earthly terms and in reality, they all exist simultaneously; therefore, an alternate route that brings us to the same place, matters little.

If we understand our part in the process, we also take responsibility for our lives. This removes all blame. Taking responsibility is imperative. We predestined our fate. This puts life in a completely different perspective.

We cannot sit back and not to participate in our lives. We must still do our part. Free will is determined by the course of action or attitude we take in the moment. Free will rests in our reaction to life’s events and our attitude toward these events and to those around us.

Life offers challenging conditions and even tragic events, but our response and our mental attitude is always a choice. Accept responsibility, even when life seems unfair. Know that life is moving exactly as it should…. always on path……always on course.

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