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Amid the very real concerns spreading worldwide, we still need, above all else, release from our worries and a focused on and control of our reactions. We are witnessing a very high level of anxiety which if unchecked can also affect us personally.

Step back for a moment, and examine your true concerns. Recognize that, although this is a concerning outbreak, our attitude still holds powerful ramifications to our overall well-being.

We can spend countless hours, days and weeks worried about how this will affect our loved ones and ourselves, but in reality what does worry do except rob us of enjoying this moment?. By running with fear, we are packaging ourselves into this predicament and spreading even more worry to each and every person we contact. We are not suggesting that we should be lax and not be mindful of what we are doing and how we are doing it but with our evolving recognition of the importance of our thought processing and how our thoughts create our reality, how can fear serve us?

Each of us, in differing ways, will be affected by this virus, but worry and anxiety will not change things for the better. Accepting life as it comes and knowing we influence the outcome of our experience by our reaction, we can move forward with purpose. Our life’s mission and experiences are as they should be. Our judgement of the experience is what adds extra burden.

Anxiety and fear are each a virus in themselves. We can create calm in the midst of dismay. A gentle reaffirmation of love will go a long way.

Do not forget your place in this evolving story and live your part by being the agent of change and love as you see fit. Stand tall at the gates of adversity and cast your loving light in today’s dark corners.

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