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Fear and Its Unified Hoax

What is that old saying..... “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” So many of us struggle with this truth. Understanding the origin of fear will perhaps provide us with a clearer perception of exactly what fear is. Pure unadulterated fear is a primary response for survival. It is a natural reaction to keep us safe. It is not only an emotion response but also a physical response. Fear of true danger is a good things.

Today, we are going to look at the imagined fear--the fear that originates from the go. We cannot conquer this imagined fear until we realize why we experience it.

Fear has many faces. It can come at us from all directions and in many shapes and forms. Fear can be a passed-down belief in something that prevents us from reaching or seeing the truth. Personal fear stems from the ego and perhaps rises due to our feelings of self worth. Are we good enough to accomplish what we set out to achieve? Are we pure enough? Are we smart enough? Are we capable?

Fear is based on our belief structures and our concepts that we perceive as truth, whether we have tested these truths or not. How often do you hold yourself back because a part of you, your ego, tells you that you will not succeed? How often, because of this ego generated fear, do you stop yourself short, because of your expectations of potential failure?

Remember that truth lies in the beholder. You are your truth. If you choose to believe that you cannot do something, you have just drawn that line in the sand. A part of you believes that in moving forward there is a potential for failure. What is failure? Failure is simply a lesson for us to learn that our methods or approach require adjustment. Understand that the fear emotion is your ego. It stops you from accomplishing anything and everything. In order to grow and learn, we must see our ego for what it is. Learn to bring its manipulation under control so that you can move forward, accomplish and grow.

If you follow the advice of your ego and allow its negative influence to reign, chances are you will never venture out beyond your preconceived notions. "Should have, could have and might have" will be your motto in life.

Your beliefs play a very significant role in what actually takes place in your life. This fear is generated by the ego. In challenging any negative belief structures and by not identifying with ego generated concepts, we will open new doors for our future. The outcome of our actions plays a significant part in our awakening. There will be no outcome if we do not take action. We are, or should I say, the ego is the only thing that stops us from achieving and moving forward.

Fear is the ego’s strongest survival defence mechanism and fear can manipulate your unfolding story to the point of stagnation. We are not suggesting that to put yourself in true harm’s way but when it comes to moving forward and growing in this life, we cannot let the ego stand in our way. We can accomplish anything, so make your pursuits in life worthy ones. Take the necessary steps required to achieve and bring into life those things that will not only benefit you but will also serve a higher purpose for those around you.

You can gauge your efforts by asking yourself, “Is my search coming from the heart”? If your answer is yes, move forward in anticipation of something positive manifesting in your life. You can do it. You can find it. You have all you need, if you believe.


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