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Fear Factor

As we venture deep within, the mind begins to shift from the reality of physical and material living into the fields of mystical and spiritual insight. This is known as the awakening phase and creates a clearer connection with source. It is our birth right to capture this connection and experience it to the fullest; however, there is one small detail that has to be recognized and controlled....and that would be the relentless struggle of the ego.

The ego can be an unyielding force that has to be put into its appropriate place and used in a positive manner to gain insight and clarity. The ego’s true purpose is to assist us, not interfere with our journey.

As we move through our evolving story of spiritual awakening, there are times when fear stands in the way of progress. Fear holds us back and presents us with obstacles and challenges that distort our true consciousness. Some of us allow fear to grow as we open up to the forces inherent in our unfolding evolution. Hollywood has planted the seeds of demons or outside influences that threaten to pierce our armour of light and love. If allowed to flourish, fear can halt us in our tracks.

Some fear encounters of beings along their path which might threaten their otherwise pure journey. It is essence to confront this fear head on. Are you not on a spiritual journey? Do you have faith? Are you in the hands of God? What are your motives for making this journey? Do you question your own motives?

If you conclude that your ongoing awakening is pure in spirit and you are working from beyond the ego’s interference, then you need to ask yourself if the powers that be, the God force around us, the pure essence we strive to return to, would permit any dark interference. Would a spiritual being allow harm to take place? Would pure essence not protect you from such forces, if they were to exist?

Because you are on this quest for love, enlightenment and joining in oneness with the source of this expression, you are protected. Nothing can penetrate this barrier and infiltrate your beingness. You are protected by the greatest source of all.

The distorted ego understands that it is losing control and fears this. Because of this instinctual reaction, it uses whatever means it has to get the control back. Fear is the ultimate weapon.

The controlled ego is actually a wonderful companion. It can guide you through self-doubt and strengthen your resolve in the face of any adversity once it regains its rightful place.

Ego’s controlling fear has been fed by Hollywood and its man-made fictional characters. These concepts are foreign to our actual process of finding our alignment with the one within, with the rejoining once again with our source and the light.

Let go of the fear that holds you back and know that you are protected by your source. Negative elements in life are not real in the sense that they hold little relevance in our ongoing journey. They have no stronghold on you and the only thing you need to fear is fear itself. You are held within the grasp of holiness and love. Peace is yours if you have conviction in that which you trust.

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