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What is that old saying? .......“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

This saying was true when it was first said, it still holds truth and will for each and every day to come.

Understanding our fear provides us with the ability to overcome it. Fear is experienced when we perceive danger or feel threatened. We react in predictable ways when we experience fear. The most primal reactions are fight or flight. Primal fear is an instinctual response for survival. We are not focusing on this type of fear today. Today we are looking at ego based fear. This fear is not a part of the true self. We cannot conquer fear until we accept that fear is a concept which stems from the ego and its need for control.

Fear has many faces. It can come at us from all directions and in many forms. Ego based fear clouds our judgement and prevents us from reaching the truth. Because this fear we believe we are unworthy, not good enough, not pure enough, not smart enough, not capable, not intelligent enough, or simply not able to achieve what we have set out to do.

How often do we not follow through on our dreams because a part of us, our ego, tells us that we will not succeed? How often, because of ego generated fear, do we stop ourselves short, because we anticipate failure?

The truth is found deep within. We are our truth. If we choose to believe that we cannot do something, we have just draw the line in the sand and the odds of success are highly diminished. Even if we find push enough to move forward, the odds are we will not succeed because are ego tells us we will not. Our focus creates our reality. In order to accomplish anything in life we have to move past the ego’s negative chatter and recognize that this is not part of the true self.

If we follow ego’s chatter and make it part of our belief structure, we are setting ourselves up for failure. It serves no positive purpose to identify with anything that does not make you happy. It serves no positive purpose to identify with anything that will not serve your higher good. By not identifying with the ego and its plight, we heighten our awareness and open the floodgates so that our true positive nature can shine through.

Our focus…our beliefs will play a very significant role in the outcome of our dreams in life. This form of fear is generated by the ego. In challenging any negative beliefs and not identify with ego generated concepts, we can and will transform our lives. Ego is a very real barrier to achieving our goals and moving forward.

Fear is the ego’s strongest weapon to maintaining control. When ego has a true hold, change and growth will not take place and we will stagnate.

Primal fear will keep us physically safe on our earthly journey. Ego based fear will cocoon us and rob us of our earthly growth and lessons. If we learn to silence our ego and overcome its control, we can emerge from this cocoon to be the beautiful energy we are meant to be. We can accomplish anything when we shake off the ego and move forward with confidence and a solid foundation. Not reaching our goals on the first attempt is not failure. It is a lesson to teach and allow us to adapt so that in our second or third attempts we will succeed because we have tried and we have learned along the way.

Take the steps required to achieve and nurture something that will not only benefit you, but will also serve as a higher purpose for those around you.

You CAN do it. You WILL find it. You have everything you need to move forward if you simply believe.

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