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There are many sensitive souls amongst us. With some individuals it is obvious but with others it is hidden. A gentle approach can be effective with most anyone.

In the heat of a moment, regrettable things can be said and can be misconstrued. Our verbal deliverance can place more meaning to our words that the words actually spoken.

It is important to share how you feel but at times, it might be a wise choice to wait and not share during the heat of the moment. It is far better to act than react. Your message will be received much clearer in a calm environment. It is important to share and be open but filtered delivery will promote more understanding and possibly a resolution instead of a reaction.

We always get more bees with honey than vinegar. Say what needs to be said but be mindful of your delivery and if the energies at the time are conducive to resolution.

Remember conversations are 50% speaking and 50% good listening. Do not listen to respond. Listen to learn.

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