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The final Dispositor in Astrology is basically a chain of command. One planet, sometimes two planets, rule the chart. If there is a planet in its own sign, for example, Saturn in Capricorn, it becomes the final Dispositor or chief in command.

The Dispositor pattern is determined by the planets in the signs. For example, start with the Ascendant and for this example, we will use Sagittarius as the rising sign (Ascendant). With this example of Sagittarius as the rising sign, which is ruled by Jupiter (the natural ruler of Sagittarius), Jupiter is in Aries and so Aries natural ruler is Mars. Mars is in Scorpio and Scorpio is naturally ruled by Pluto. Pluto is in the sign of Leo and Leo rules the Sun. The Sun is in Aquarius and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is in the sign of Cancer and Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon is ruled by Scorpio bringing the ruler back to Pluto.

We have not yet touched on Venus which is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in Aries. We have already followed that route which brought us to Pluto.

We have not touched on Saturn which is in Libra ruled by Venus which is ruled by Sagittarius going back again to Jupiter and following that same route to Pluto.

We have not touched on Neptune which is ruled by Venus and Venus is in Sagittarius bring us back to Jupiter and ending that cycle to Pluto. Pluto is the common denominator and will be the final Dispositor in our example.

Saturn in Libra and Venus in Capricorn are planets in mutual reception. Libra rules Venus and Saturn rules Capricorn and this is what creates the mutual reception. These two planets will be very significant in our chart example and in the person’s life that is being prepared for. Having these two planets in each other’s signs stop the chain of command and makes them both very significant in the chart.

If planets are in their own sign in a chart, for example Saturn in Capricorn, the examination goes no further and this becomes the final Dispositor. Sometimes there are two interplanetary links that constantly come to the forefront. In this case, both of these planets are extremely important in the birth chart and together share the rulership of the chart.

The ruler of the Ascendant is also been called the ruler of the chart, and its planetary ruler is of extreme importance as well. For example, Sagittarius as an ascendant will make Jupiter extremely important in the life of this individual with Sagittarius on the ascendant. If Libra were the rising sign, then Venus would be very important to this individual. Remember that the ascendant sign is how we relate to the world through our outside expression and the individual with Libra rising would then be very social, very pleasing to meet, would seek harmony and balance in life and would resonate in this way to those that they meet especially during their initial meeting.

The final Dispositor is the planet which other planets depend on and this planet will have a profound affect in our lives. In the example we used at the start of this post, Pluto will play a prominent role in the unfolding of this individual and Pluto will have assistance from Jupiter. As a result, these two planetary links provide the needed stimulus to propel this individual forward to reach their life’s objectives. Transformations will play a big part in that unfolding.

Follow your chain of command and see which planet or planets affect you in a direct and creative manner. This will be the driving force and motivating factor in your life.

The final Dispositor pattern is known as the Dispositor Tree.

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