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Our ability to search for truth is dependent upon our ability to recognize it when it is before us.

There are many paths leading us to an understanding of unfamiliar conceptions. Many messages will be torn apart by our ego as ego’s main objective is to maintain control. Learning new concepts can frighten us and ego will take this opportunity to try to regain control. If we listen to ego, we will close the door to new information. If we recognize ego for what it is, its attempts to control will be futile as the truth will always push us in the appropriate direction.

The key with all things is to find balance. We must allow the peace within to over flow. We can find contentment in knowing that we already have whatever it is we are in search of. We should attempting to bring forth our higher consciousness that already exists within and then form an alliance between our earthly self and higher self and find balance between them. While in the material world we must live a physical life yet still attached to our higher self for understanding. We are one with our higher self yet we feel separated by mental structures when only focused on an earthly existence which stands in the way to our true knowing.

The inner self surfaces at times, and each time we does, we allow the attributes that surfaces to align and mold with our earthly self. Our higher self has no boundaries and we are capable of anything, but we first have to recognize and accept this.

Our earthly journey passes quickly, so it helps our development along if we can believe (have faith) in our potential. Our belief structures must be open as we journey our path and ultimate destiny. These belief structures if allows to expand, allow growth and further understanding.

Move into full alignment through balancing the inner self with the outer self. Consciousness awaits us.

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