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There is a feeling of great satisfaction when we remedy an issue on our own. We followed our inner guide and took control on a personal level. By conquering the issue, we have reassured ourselves that we can rely on self which builds confidence.

By attempting to resolve an issue, successfully or unsuccessfully, we have grown stronger.

There will be times when we exhaust all efforts to resolve problems and there just may not seem to be a resolution at hand. We can reach the end of our “ropes” and are ready to give up. As a last resort, we reach out for outside help. Sometimes all it takes is another person to listen and as we explain our situation, the answers come into focus. Other times it is just that ear that we need so as not to feel alone. There will be times when we need someone else’s guidance as we are too close to the issue to clearly seeing (or thinking) the solution.

Sometimes the issue becomes so overwhelming that even our closest friends or family cannot help provide us with answers. During these times, reach out for professional assistance. They are trained to guide you to understanding. We cannot allow our ego to get in the way of reaching out.

Whether we recognize a solution or someone else assists us in finding a resolution, in the end, we are the ones that must do the work. Whether we stand alone or with others, we are strong enough to overcome and see anything through. Recognize that strength. Know that you have what it takes. Stand tall. Step forward. You have this!

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