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Finding Your Place of Serenity

After a hectic day performing all the necessary tasks to fulfill your commitments, whether it be a day spent at work outside of the home or a busy day working at home watching the children and doing the house chores, it is essential to have a place where you can retreat – a place to call your own. Some prefer to take a walk outside viewing the garden and its beauty. Some like to sit and turn on the television and watch their favourite show, while others need a place where they feel secluded and are able to review the day’s activity and recharge the emotional batteries.

You need some time to reflect on the day and whatever activity or lack thereof it takes to settle you down, this should be pursued. If you find peace and solace through meditate or a walk in nature, take the time required to release any pent up emotion from the day’s workload and events. It is important to release any tension and stress that you have throughout the day’ events. Relax your mind. A nature walk, meditation or a gentle musical interlude are all good ways to find that place of serenity that we all need to release.

Sharing the day’s events with a loved one or companion can also help you release and unwind after a busy day. Even if all events of the day were positive and you are at peace with the events, share them with someone. Release the joy and share the feelings you have about your day.

Each and every one of us has a need to release. If after your release practice, you still feel restricted or obstructed, a listening ear or a strong shoulder will often help the situation and bring new light on subjects that just needed a different vantage point.

Finding your place of solitude is essential. Each of us needs to release any emotions that are hindering our otherwise peaceful existence. If you have had a wonderful day then share it as your feelings can also go along way on making others happy, simply by being and sharing with you. Find your place of retreat, your place to unwind and continue or end your day free from any anxieties or stress.

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