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We were questioned last week by someone reading one of our posts if we could offer some insight into the large number of planets in retrograde and Jupiter stationary. We appreciate the question and it is certainly a valid one.

This is a significant point in time when we have all the planets excluding Jupiter and Venus in retrograde (beginning August 7, 2018). Mercury will go direct on August 19 followed by Mars on August 27. The period between August 7 and August 19 should be particularly interesting.

Retrograde planets, except Saturn, become stifled in their natural expression. Their energies feel harnessed and they are not allowed full expression. This can create great difficulty with life events and decisions made under these energies, especially with Mercury retrograde (towards the end of July, 2018).

Jupiter was stationary July 10 and 11 which indicated profound energies. Jupiter’s energies focus on expansion, so we may yet experience something more relevant and extensive than what is unraveling now. If there are hasty decisions being made, it might affect us on a global level, although I never predict doom and gloom as there are always alternative ways of dealing with life.

There are valuable lessons being taught all around us at this time and we should be listening. When Mercury goes retrograde, any profound decision making is best to be delayed and then acted upon once Mercury turns direct again (August 20). This energy should be used as a period of deep reflection and it affords insight not action. Contemplation too will be stifled especially when Uranus goes retrograde on August 8.

Saturn retrograde is actually a positive energy as it operates similar to Jupiter. Saturn retrograde promotes growth rather than prompting stagnation and obstacles. Saturn should promote sturdy and reliable results over the long haul. It builds structure and solid ground. It suggests stability over time, but the rest of the energies are harnessed at least for now. Maybe this is suggesting a focus on Saturn’s energies and allowing the other energies to be reviewed while we build this solid foundation to move forward in the future.

Once all of the restricted energies are release by these planets going direct again, we will be able to use their energies beneficially. For now on a personal level, understand that we are being challenged and making rash decisions just might be part of the process. We must use as much rational as possible, noting irregularities and responding with much more caution than we normally do. The energies around us are stifled somewhat and it is best to wait before responding especially in matters that can have profound and lasting effects on us and the world around us.

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