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Follow Through

This path we walk and the life we live are sometimes difficult routes to maintain especially in the early days of understanding. It is easy to fall off our chosen route and venture here and there in alternate directions without even noticing. The old and familiar ways are often reflections of where we once were and even though those reflections are from focuses of our past, they somehow still holds us back from moving forward in our new direction.....the ties that bind are strong and they tug at us and cause us to look back. By doing so, we only lose focus of where we intend to go.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and pushing forward into an unknown territory can be a bit intimidating and uncomfortable to us. However, as we continue on in this life’s venture, we begin to gain insight and it is then much easier to break free of the past and its grasp. Behind us is a way of “being” that no longer suits our ongoing journey. Eventually, this familiar place of the past becomes so distant that it feels as though it was another lifetime.

Moving forward without any knowledge of what we will uncover can be a stimulating experience and for those that are in search for something new and meaningful, it will hold their fascination and intrigue. We do not follow along blindly although at times it certainly feels this way. The course has been laid down before us long ago and we follow along a route that is inherently understood on a deeper level. It is not foreign although letting faith guide us can be difficult.

The overbearing ego will want to be at the controls and as we venture deeper within ourselves, the ego’s grasp lightens and the doors begin to open. What we learn as we move through the channels of understanding are stepping stones to our future knowing. It is not an idea or a concept; it is an actual knowing and understanding that unfolds. This is what is referred to as the awakening, but it has been in the works since our birth.

It is suggested that we were actually in complete understanding when we entered this life and then as we adjusted to the material world, we lost sight of the true meaning of our life as we develop material concerns and make an earthly life for ourselves.

This was not a wrong road that we happened to take or a mishap in any way. It was meant to be and we were laying a required foundation that serves it purposes but will eventually have to be broken down to clear way for true understanding. We gradually realize that material rewards are short lived and our entanglement with such things are only comforting for the moment and then rapidly lost their significance.

Upon this realization, we are once again open to the underlying principles that have brought us into this existence. We are now making our way towards gaining an understanding of the “why” behind our lives. The door has opened and we have ventured inside, leaving behind anything that does not fit into our new way of living. The past is behind us but there are times we glance back without realizing. Our way of living is changing. Our openness to life is producing results that we never thought we would encounter when we were engaged in our material lives.

Staying in touch with our spiritual needs is now paramount. Veering off course does still happen from time to time, but we will realize our off-road ventures immediately and we move back on our intended path. Staying with the truth becomes an easy task as we venture even further into our self-knowing and true perception.

Hold true to your awakening. Stay focused and intent. We must remain open as we walk further down our enlightening path.

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