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Fool's Gold

As we move forward on our earthly journey, beware of becoming too wrapped up in life’s material pursuits. It is far too easy for us to get sidetracked from our original intention by these sometimes inviting attractions. There is always a nicer home, a new car, a beautiful piece of jewellery, magnificent new styles for cloths, and the list goes on. No wonder is it so easy to get trapped in the material world. Often the outcome of such attractions is the need for more and you will notice that the newness wears off quickly and true satisfaction or contentment is never accomplished.

Remember you are a soul living in a human body. Your connection to higher principles is what matters. There is no lasting significance in material abundance or financial gain, although a savings account does provide a certain amount of security that is necessary in our material world. It is important to understand that focusing on material gains usually leads to material want and the feeling of never having enough. Worrying about money only serves to furnish more worry and adds to the desire for more.

Finances tend to look after themselves once you let go of the worry and the want for more. The universe does not judge your energy. It just provides you with more of the same. If you feel there is a shortage then you are sending out to the universe that you are asking for more of the same -- shortage. The universe provides unconditionally. This is not to say that you should start spending carelessly. You just need to channel your focus and stop the “wanting”. This is not your purpose. This is only our fool’s gold.

Our essential aim is spiritual. Any inclinations towards primal material urges, serves only to infiltrate our connection to our pure essence. You are a soul, here to further spiritual growth. You are love generated in its purest form, void of negativity and flourishing continuously. This is your life’s calling, and you walk with the universe hand in hand. Even during times of stress, you are still on the path. Stay true to spirit and realize your true value not your material value.

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