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Jupiter square Sun

Transiting Jupiter in Libra square natal Sun in Cancer: (June-October 2017)

Those born with their Sun in the sign of Cancer (allowing for up to a ten degree orb of influence) will have Jupiter squaring their natal Sun. Jupiter will be at 13 degrees Libra for the month of June, 2017 progressing forward until October when it passes into Scorpio on October 11, 2017.

Jupiter is always a positive influence on the Sun regardless of which aspect it makes. The only difference when you have an aspect of a square, opposition or quincunx is that you may have to work harder for your rewards. With the trine and sextile as well as the conjunction aspects, often things seem to fall into place rather easily. It is considered an opportunistic aspect although as Jupiter tends to exaggerate and expand all it touches, the only drawback would be over-optimism and over-doing. So taking things with a measure of caution might help along the way.

You may feel very fortunate during this time although this can be exaggerated. This transit does bring with it the opportunity for growth and opportunistic prospects as long as you your weigh things out and plan your objectives before jumping into the mix. You may feel quite reassured about your set plans and if you take the measures necessary to guarantee your best possible outcome, you could do very well.

Jupiter will provide a certain amount of luck and opportunity for success especially when it comes to goals in life and aspirations that you hold dear. Check into the houses affected by this transit to see which areas of life will be under this influence. If, for example, the tenth and seventh houses are activated, the potential for business dealings and occupational expansion are highlighted. If the fourth and seventh houses are activated, it might deal with the home and family and important relationships such as with marriage.

Review which houses are affected along with the house the Sun rules and also have a look at any aspects between Jupiter and the Sun in your birth chart. Each of these will affect the overall conditions of what transpires during this period. The rest of the chart will also have to be taken into consideration of course. The energies of your chart have to agree with what Jupiter and the Sun are implying. If they disagree you will have to weigh out all things accordingly.

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