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We can easily get so caught up in the current virus situation and we tend to forget about the less talked about pressures that many individuals are going through. There is still mass starvation, droughts, forest fires, abuse, hate crimes etc. taking place on a grand scale. We need to remember these and do what we can to assist those in need around the world.

We all walk this road together which is even more evidence today than ever. We share our uncertainty and fear but hold our heads high and are forever strengthening our resolve to not only defeat what presents itself to us, including this virus, but to rise above it and to continue to feel and appreciate our inner connectedness with all living things. We are not weakening even though some feel this way. We can continue to assist those in need, even if our only ability is to show caring and give love and be compassionate.

Hold on to the precious part of “you” that can transcend anything. Be true to your calling now more than ever as we are all being tested on one level or another.

We are resilient and will overcome however that may look. The more individuals that believe this, the greater the reach. It is and always will be in our hands. We can rise to the occasion.

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