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Forever Young

Take a close look at the young and innocent people around you. Pay attention to what they are conveying to you in their eyes and pay particular attention to their reaction to you when you become face to face with them. Their reactions will define how you reveal your sensitivities in the world around you. They are mostly untouched by human conditioning and what you see is genuine.

Their approach to life is found in the moment. There is no concern for what comes next and the past has no place in their lives other than a lesson learned. I am speaking of the very young, not newborn but those that are beginning to learn how to focus in the here and now. When they see you often their reaction is one of joy and love. There is something very gentle and loving about the way they look at you.

With most younger children, we get the feeling that there is much wisdom within, as if they are deep souls and have been in touch with something far beyond that of this material world.

They are unscathed and untouched by material world intervention and simply live from one moment to the next with no concern about where they are heading. They are in total acceptance of the life force that radiates within and around them. They have complete and total acceptance of life without question.

Some may call this innocence and naivety, but for a moment imagine how much worry and anxiety would be removed from life if we viewed our lives as a child through complete acceptance. Imagine letting go of the need to control and having faith that all of our needs will be met.

Under normal circumstances, children believe in their parents. Most young children hold their parents up on a pedestal, because there is no need for them to analyse life or its events. They simply see the best and even when they receive discipline, they accept their fate and take life as it comes. In general they forgive what we might consider injustice for they do not have to judge. They are open minded, accept and are always ready to learn. They know that their needs are being met and generally ask for very little accept your unconditional love.

As parents, most of us genuinely try our best to meet their needs and often put their needs ahead of our own. We also love them unconditionally and always have their best interests in mind.

How wonderful would be if we had a guardian angel or guide (parent) that looked after us and always had our best interests at heart? Imagine yourself having this protection, this guidance... a force that is always working on your behalf; always.

Should we not become like children once again and become open to the understanding that life is moving as it should and we are always being guided and protected? Even in the face of adversity we are following our path and receiving valuable information in the process. Life does provide some challenges from time to time, but these challenging or limiting conditions do not take away our life. They are in place to teach us valuable lessons that we can take with us on our road of life. These lessons are part of our life.

Letting go does not mean that we stop trying or that we are standing still, but it does imply that we are in a place where we will learn the lessons that life offers, regardless of our intent. We are just as on path now as we were when young. We are ever changing in our perspectives, but still on path. Have faith that your life will mold you into the individual that accepts others even without understanding their path, that helps without expecting anything in return, that sets that example for those around you simply by being the example that others need to help them see your reflection within themselves.

Stay young in your approach to life. Believe that your needs are being met, that you are on target and that you are safely protected by your higher self and those guides that mimic your concept of a good parent.

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