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In our physical world, we can exercise, eat properly, have regular medical checkups and in general look after ourselves, but will these practices keep us young? Is being young a state of the body or is it a state of mind? I am sure you have experienced a very child who is obviously a very old soul. These children are much too wise for their years. Is this an example of being old? Does knowledge and an ingrained knowing indicate age?

Most young children play and enjoy their lives. They live completely in the moment. They have few cares but when they have one, they can become obsessed with their issue within that moment. However as soon as they move away from an issue by altering their focus, the issue is often gone forever or holds little relevance. Is this considered being young or a youthful thing to do, or is this something we can all enjoy?

Staying forever young, certainly in part, deals with living in the moment. Children enjoy the moment and live within it. They experience fully the details of their focus. We, as adults, tend to live in our minds and think in terms of what will be or what has already been. Rarely are we content with living in the now. Staying forever young, in part, deals with attitude especially is we stay open and allow. Do we suddenly stop learning because we are old? Does life no longer provide us with any new lessons and do we really have all the information and all the answers? I think not. We are never too old to learn.

If we want to stay young, we certainly have to allow ourselves to have fun, stay open and continue learning. We can never believe that there is nothing left for if we do than we certainly are growing old.

Even the most advanced souls, or should I say especially the most advanced souls, know that the journey of knowledge is just beginning. The further along we venture, the more we realize how little we know. This does not indicate ignorance, it indicates maturity.

Stay young by attending this moment’s school of life. Pay heed to your focus. Watch and learn from the young. They have so much to teach. Enjoy your journey.

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