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There are many individuals living in conditions they consider less than desirable. Some cannot see clear of these situations and feel there is very little hope. The majority of us, however, can find our way to cope with these hardships. Some seek refuge from outside sources, while others find their way through making the best of what they have.

Imagine living a life of addiction to drugs or alcohol, for example. They experience a life so wrapped up in these addictions that some resort to begging on the streets. Those close to them walk away from the abuse for the sake of their own sanity. Their addictions may have put these individuals in such a place that they cannot afford their next meal, they do not have a home, and they are alone because there are people that care for them but cannot be a part of their lives.

A few kind words can go a long way when you see someone living on the street, let alone a small donation. Remember, they are someone’s child, sibling or parent. Take the time to reflect for a moment on what that would be like then reflect on how good your life is.

Giving can be a challenge for some. Judgement can come too easily for some of us. It can be difficult not to become weighed down by the thoughts that we may have when we meet someone in need.

Instead of walking away, offer something even if that something is only a smile or a kind word or a conversation. This just might be the most important thing in their world at the moment. We do not know their circumstance and their circumstances really are not important. They are human is the important factor. How we treat the most vulnerable speaks volumes of who we are.

You can provide that little flicker of hope that someone needs. You might even be the answer to their prayers for that day.

These are our brothers and sisters. They deserve kindness and concern no matter what their choices have been.

For the majority of our followers, their lives are blessed. Maybe not in the ways they dream, but they are still blessed. Intentions move us forward. Actions create the outcome.

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