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There are many living in this world under conditions that could be considered less than appropriate. Many struggle through life wondering if there will ever be reprieve from their deplorable conditions. They see no clear way out of these situations and they have very little hope, if any. We, although some do tend to have lives riddled with struggles, usually find ways to cope with these hardships. Some seek refuge from outside sources, while others find their way through making the best of the little they have.

Many of us cannot begin to image having to live under such appalling conditions. Imagine for a moment living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Image living a life so wrapped up in these addictions that you have to beg on the streets because your additions have taken away your ability to hold a job. Imagine that no one cares whether you live or die.

Not all street people are there because of additions. Imagine, through no fault of your own, not being able to afford your next meal. Imagine losing your job and as a result, losing your home.

The next time you see someone who is living on the streets, approach them without judgement. Can you offer them a few kind words? Can you offer them a portion of your lunch? Can you take them to a restaurant and buy them a meal? Could you offer them as little as your change for coffee? Could you offer them a blanket or a coat?

Can you try to reflect on what their situation is actually like? Now for a moment reflect on how perfect your life truly is.

Giving without judgement is a challenge for most of us and it is hard not to become weighted down with judgement. Some of us through our judgements walk away and loose the opportunity to help those most in need. Is it possible next time that instead of walking away, we offer something even if that something is only a smile or a kind word? This small gesture may be immeasurable to those that suffer in desolation. We never know where these individuals have come from in life and even where they are going. Our kindness might make a miserable day a little brighter. Your donation, although it possible that it might go to drugs or alcohol, may also be used for a feeding or lodging. You just do not know.

You can provide that little flicker of hope that someone needs. You might even be the “answer” for that day. How must is the cost to you to lend a hand? These individuals are our brothers and sisters. They deserve our kindness, our concern, our compassion.

How blessed are we in our lives? We can share our blessings. In these types of cases, it is not what you think but what you do that truly matters but do not hesitate to send your blessing too!

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