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What does freedom mean to you?

Is it the right to speak your mind? Is it being able to live the way you want to without outside interference?

Now imagine how some of the less fortunate people live. It is so easy to get caught up in our own challenges and we can allow them to blow well beyond what they actually are. We can easily lose touch of what others are going through. Some have to fight simply to survival, because of their ruling government, overbearing partners, lack of legal structure or due to groups causing bloodshed without the faintest regard for human life.

There are many nations where self-expression is only a dream. In some nations, women have few to no rights. Of course, we do not have to travel to other lands to find people living under challenging conditions.

Sometimes we need to have a close personal look at what is right in front of us to put our own lives into perspective. We then can truly appreciate how we are living even with daily irritations. No life is perfect, but many of us live a life filled with blessings whether we recognize them or not. Conditions could be much worse. Acknowledge what you have in your life. See these gifts for what they truly are.

Most of us have freedom of expression and the ability to live out our lives with relative calm except. As it is often said, count your blessings. Be thankful for “all” in your life.

Live in the grace of appreciation every day. Acknowledge each and every blessing. You will be shocked at how plentiful they actual are. Allow the energies of gratitude to float freely. Remember your focus and when you say thanks in whatever way you choose, you will experience the miracle.

Enjoy this most blessed life. It is yours and yours alone.

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