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Freedom of Choice and Astrology

Some of you have questioned us about Astrology, its predictions and the freedom of choice. Astrology is an ancient art/science which has a recorded history of more than two thousand years. To survive and strive for this long, there has to be relevance to it even for the doubting mind.

No reliable Astrologer will proclaim that Astrology dictates your life and its events. The fact is that modern Astrology does have the ability to predict possible events in your life but your respond to these events is always in your hands.

When Astrology forecasts probable events unfolding in your life, it can identify the area of life to be affected and whether the experience will be difficult or promising. Once again, you are in control of your responses. Your attitude and approach to incidents in your life is a choice.

For example, a client experiencing Uranus on the MC will experience unexpected challenges in the work place and even disruptions to the norm, but their response to these challenges (the way that they choose to deal with the situation) is quite individual.

Astrology may suggest that there are issues within the framework of your marriage or close personal relationships. Pluto may suggest a transformation on a large scale or even that the dissolution of the marriage is possible, but the individuals involved may either be willing to work things out thereby transforming the relationship into something stronger or they may decide to end the relationship permanently. It is a personal choice.

Astrology can specify time lines when probable events may unfold as well as the duration of the events effects. Astrology does not dictate your life’s unfolding story, although can foretell probable events and the area of life involved. Astrology can help you cope and integrate into your life the best course of action. For every action in life, there will be a reaction.

Astrology can assist you in choosing a direction and will also provide you with the timeframes best suited to make positive adjustments to your life. Astrology can be very specific and can help you with some of your choices. There are times when you should wait to make a move in a specific area of life and there are times when you should pursue the change immediately only to facilitate a smooth transition or a more productive outcome.

Astrology can be used as a tool to gage events and their impact in your life. It can also provide you with assistance to understand the planetary energies that are in force in your life during transits and progressions. With some of your life events, it is best to allow life to happen and go with the flow, while other events should be dealt with and used to your advantage. The decisions you make at times are paramount in how easy or difficult a life lesson can be.

Ultimately, Astrology points the way -- you make the decisions. Your response to life events is always in your hands and you always choose which path to follow. You can always count on help from outside forces as there is always assistance available. You are never alone. Using your own intuitive abilities, your ability to contemplate in conjunction with the assistance from a reliable, educated Astrologer can and will assist you in your endeavours.

When we are faced with huge challenges and you are at odds with life, never hesitate to consult a professional. We all face these challenges in different degrees and there are those that even Astrology is still not enough. During these times, seek a psychologist or other professional. Under most, conditions, however, we are able to address any issue and come up with a reliable solution when we reach within for the answer.

“You can accomplish anything in life if armed with the right attitude and tools. My hope is I can provide you with a useful tool.” ~ Holm Astrology

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