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We will form many bonds throughout our lives, some short lived and others lifelong. Those that we do become well close to and those that form part of our family can become very significant. Some friends will mean as much or more than those in our inner family circle. These specific people have an important role in our lives, as (usually) do most of our family members. Each and every person that you spend time with is important within different aspects and lessons of your life.

From an incarnate point of view, many of our friends and family have come to spend valuable time with us. We should think of this as a blessing and an honor. These individuals have decided (along with our acceptance) to play roles in our ongoing evolutionary story. We have chosen to come together, often after a previous incarnations together, to continue our journey with these specific people being a part of the process. How magnificent is that?

In past lives, it is speculated that we may have been related, or married or close friends or enemies for that matter. This is why some specific people are just so comfortable to be with and others it takes a little work to enjoy their energies. In some cases, we have some unfinished Karma to push through and the alignment may not be that comfortable. However, these uncomfortable alignments are important life lessons taught in part by these individuals. Although they may bring challenging conditions into our lives, these are often the most valuable lessons that we learn.

Next time you have a difficult situation that must be handled, wrap your arms around the experience and realize that it is an important message that you are now ready to receive.

Although there are a few people throughout time that have very sheltered lives or that live lives of a recluse, most of us will share our lives with others and especially with those we love. Even those that feel or believe that they should live lives that circumvent others can open the door to a greater life experience and reach out to those they may be able to give assistance to. Sharing life brings with it marvelous experiences and close wonderful encounters that would otherwise be missed.

Recognize the importance of those around you. Do not become complacent with these individuals. These are significant relationships that help foster your growth.

Enjoy this life and share it with all who step into your reality.

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