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There are many different types of friendships. There are those that we may call friends that are simply acquaintances, those that are related by blood or marriage and those that hold a special place in your heart (those we have choose to have a relationship with that is just as close as family and in some instances, even closer). Some individuals show up when we need them on some level in our lives (the living guides). Often they serve a specific purpose in our lives and we are forever grateful to them but theirs is not a permanent relationship. Once their job (and ours for the matter) has been completed, they move on. Their purpose can be ever so subtle, but relevant none-the-less

Some of us believe that our close relatives such as brothers, sisters, cousins, of course our parents, whether biological or not have been brought into our lives for specific purposes and will play significant roles throughout life. It is suggested that we have called upon one another and have been brought back together in this life to serve a purpose. These relationships do not necessarily have to be easy flowing but beneficial in some way.

These people are from our past and have other lifetimes with us. We could call them our spiritual family circle that runs together over time working with one another through karmic ties. These individuals are very important to us. They can add love and they can also challenge us to grow. However every part of the relationship is important.

We will encounter many important souls in this life and those that remain close, even though separated by distance, hold a special place in our hearts and us in theirs. Our significant other and our immediate family are of special importance as they will play the most profound part in our evolving story, again whether it be easy flow or a challenge. These individuals usually form our soul group.

Recognize each person’s significances. Each one of them has a specific purpose that holds great meaning in our life today.

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