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How does our intention set things in motion?

We all experience times in our lives when nothing seems to go right (in our opinions). Do we simply throw in the towel and give up or is there something we can do to turn things around?

We often allow ourselves to feel as though we have little to no control in our lives. It is true that some life events will happen with or without our consent. To fight the “inevitable” events just created hardship in our lives. From this perspective, we must learn to let go and have faith. The actual act of letting go is completely within our control. We are making a choice to allow. This is a choice....this is control. This choice to let go is not giving up. It is actually allowing our higher self or source to ultimately steer us in the direction we are meant to go.

Letting go can be an extremely difficult choice, but believing and knowing allows our guides, our higher self or source to take us to places we could not imagine otherwise.

There are many choices that we can make for any one given circumstances and there are never wrong choices. There are only varying lessons and there are events in life that happen in our lives that we have no choice but to experience. It is the experience that we have choice over. We can make the experience more difficult by fighting the inevitable or we can make the experience a learning tool through acceptance, none ownership and releasing. Through these latter steps we can learn and move on. If we make the experience personal and own it, we do not allow ourselves to move beyond the experience. No one is meant to suffer and stagnate. Take control of your life by letting go but not giving up.

With the intention to let life take us where we are meant to go and when we have faith in the process, we move beyond the hurdles. The hurdles are then just lessons not impenetrable walls that hold us back from living. We are at the mercy of our focus...our beliefs. Why would we not choose to believe that all things are possible? We cannot become weighed down with attempting to correct what we feel is wrong with the flow of life because it is unfolding not in the way that we had envisioned. By becoming stuck in focusing on specific events, we become captives of them. The emotions of those events that we feel are negative become our world.

By focusing beyond emotionally heavy events, we release ourselves from their bondage. By loving ourselves enough to let go, we allows life to flow and the love that is in us to be experienced, particularly by self.

Can we see the beauty that is right in front of us? Be in tuned to life’s force and recognize that we are one with it. Take action when it is necessary but during those events that we are there for the lesson, trust and have faith that we will grow and flourish. See and enjoy the miracle of life!

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