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We will be experiencing the energies of a Full Moon in the sign of Libra on April 19, 2019 at 7:19 a.m. EST.

This Full Moon is in the last degree of Libra. If you have anything in your chart at 29 degrees especially by conjunction or opposition to the Full Moon’s placement, this aspect will have an effect on any type of coordinated efforts focused on harmony and balance, possibly with relationships. Libra is the sign of fairness and justice and if this is related to partnerships, it could include business partnerships especially if the Full Moon falls in the seventh or tenth house in your natal chart.

You will have to pay particular attention to those planets that are making aspects to this position. You can use up to a five degree orb. It is important to recognize that the energies of a Full Moon’s deal with the culmination of efforts and events that have been put in place and are now ripe for expression or fruition.

As mentioned many times previously, the energies of New Moon’s work with planting in our garden of life and its energies are conducive to new beginning particularly associated with the sign and house position the New Moon is located in within your chart.

The Full Moon’s energy on the other hand reflects the time of harvest. If you have tended to your crops and nurtured them, the Full Moon will offer the tools needed for harvest. If, for example, you are not ready to move forward on these objectives, you may have to make some alterations and protect your harvest. If the crop has not been nurtured as needed, it may be time to till in the garden and plan to start anew.

Libra’s energies focus on the need for balance and harmony and this is where you should be placing your attention. It is always best to look for solutions that are favourable for those involved although justice may also play into things. It has been said that any planet in the natal chart at the 29th degree carries with it a certain degree of urgency to deal with the specific energies of the planet (and the sign and house position as well). If you happen to have a natal planet in this degree and it fits the criteria, this may be suggesting that you feel or know that this focus or issue is important and needs completion now or in the near future.

Those individuals that do not have any aspects but have a strong lunar position in their chart will still be affected by this Full Moon, while those with no aspects to this position and no lunar connections or no strong lunar placement may not feel these energies to any a great degree.

It should be noted that those individuals with their Sun or rising sign or Moon in Cancer in particular may often feel the energies of the Moon as it makes its way through the Zodiac.

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