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The New Moon Cycle is the perfect time to plant seeds for your goals and the Full Moon Cycle offer the perfect energies to harvest your goals that were set during the New Moon Cycle (particularly the New Moon under the same sign six months prior). The Full Moon is a perfect time to review all external events that have unfolded since the beginning of the New Moon. This is a great cycle to keep you consistently setting new goals, reviewing life, reviewing the energies available and accomplishing your goals. The Full Moon cycle is rarely a time for planning or orchestrating what you want to do. It is much more conducive to reviewing your progress, tweaking your ideas so that you can enjoy an even larger harvest. There will be times that you will realize that the seeds have been sown on baron lands and you may have to accept your losses. You can always reseed under the next new moon.

Our next Full Moon is in the sign of Aries at 12 degrees. This Harvest Full Moon occurs on October 5, 2017. With the Full Moon in the sign of Aries, the harvest often deals with something of a very personal nature and applies directly to us as an individual. It is often something we decided to do for ourselves that we wished would bring self-satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. This could include starting our own business, changing jobs, moving locations, beginning a new relationship or ending one.

Locate which house the Full Moon is located in within your Astrology chart. Also review any aspects from natal planets or angles to the Full Moon. This will provide you with information as to what area of life is involved and how challenging or rewarding the experience will be. The house represents the area of life which is being stimulated and the aspects to planets or important angles in your chart will define if these energies are working to exalt you or challenge you.

Aries’ energies focus on assertion and aggressive pursuits and will push you towards your objectives. If the project at hand seems to have weak links then you will now be able to correct these weaknesses, make changes to your goals or let go of your goals completed and start anew. Aries is very resilient and is able to pick up the pieces and begin again if necessary, but Aries tends to jump too early and does not always carry out the necessary work to lay a solid foundation. You will have to weigh out the circumstances and give it your all before you make alternate plans or begin something new.

The Full Moon is not always the best time to begin anew and you would be far better waiting for the New Moon before planting new seeds. As mentioned, the Full Moon is time to harvest. You will reap whatever you have sown.

Aries is a very “me first” placement. It is important that you take into consideration what the effects of your action might have on others. Aries can cause us to aggressively pursuit our goals and we are so focused that we forget how we or our actions might affect others. Sometimes the ego can take control, and you may not listen to reason. Be open to discussion with others. Do not be closed minded or one-sided with your pursuits. Listen to advice when others offer it. You can learn a lot from others as they too have insights and information you may have overlooked.

There is one transiting aspect which is a semi-sextile to Neptune. Semi-sextiles are often opportunistic aspects which point towards being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes this works in magnificent ways. Neptune’s energies can have wonderful mystical quality to them, especially when in Pisces. This can be a time when mystical experiences occur, and you become involved or become further involved in mystical and psychic pursuits. Take advantage of the energies that Neptune is supplying at this time.

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