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We will enjoy the energies of the Full Moon in Aries on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 5:10 p.m. EDT.

The energies of a Full Moon always speak of a culmination point, a point when all the work has been completed and now it is time to harvest. What we sowed, what fertilizer we used to grow our plants to completion, how we have nurtured and tended our crop of life will be reflective in what we now harvest. This period began under the influence of our New Moon when it was in the sign of Aries some six months ago (April, 2019).

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a fire sign and is a cardinal quality. Aries is self-promoting and is a self-starter. With the Moon being in the sign of Aries, the project started might have been self-reflective or something that we needed to initiate for ourselves. In many cases, this will be something quite personal in its nature. We may have done most of the work to get to where we are now, without the help of others, although there could be exceptions with this.

Aries energies like to initiate projects and under this influence we may be quite willing to begin anew if things are not quite right once into the project. Aries influence can push us to pick ourselves back up and start again or completely let things go if this is a requirement.

Preparation is the key here and we should not rush which is often a by-product with an Aries influence. Preparation is the key to success. If we did the work required and did not miss any steps along the way (truly did our best) then the potential for achieving success is highlighted.

This is a powerful placement, not only because Aries can be so overpowering and the energy associated with this sign is second to none, but we also have the most dominant and potent planet making a tight square to this placement. Pluto which is also at 20 degrees but in the sign of Capricorn is making an aspect.

Pluto transforms and regenerates whatever it touches and pushes things to its limit through perseverance and dominance. Pluto might begin as something subtle, but as its energies mature, it is anything but subtle. Its energies are powerful and can be intrusive. It is a dominating power that has a tendency of taking over.

The square between Pluto and the Moon and Sun suggests that there are likely challenging conditions attached to whatever we are trying to achieve. There may be obstruction to our plans, and we may have to go through a conversion in order to move ahead with our objectives. There may be power struggles attached to our objectives. Perhaps someone objects to the way we are advancing or perhaps there are ego disputes involved. We cannot ignore these energies so we will have to deal with them accordingly and push ahead or make changes as required.

Squares initiate activity because the stress or challenging conditions that are representative of the aspect between Pluto and this Full Moons placement has to be confronted. It cannot be ignored. We are likely going to have to do some alterations before we can move ahead, but anything worth fighting for is worth the extra effort. Sometimes it does not matter whether we win or not, it is all about the push to advance that really matters.

Do not give in and do not walk away. Begin anew if this is what is required. Make changes if this is what needs to take place. If and when everything is in order, move forward with confidence. Each and every one of us has the potential to succeed.

First and foremost, enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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