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August 1, we will experience a Full Moon at 9° Aquarius. If you go back approx. 6 months this would be the commencement of what you are harvesting now. Those with a planet or important angle within 3° of this positioning either by conjunction or opposition will be affected by this Full Moon’s position.

Aquarius has to do with humanitarian interests, progressive ideas, independence and in many cases rebellion again things that need changing. New ideas may have come to the surface over this time, and you may now see what progression has taken place. Your reasoning abilities are usually on target, and you work with a genuine concern for others, with their best interests in mind.

The idea of progression is important, and you are pushing a change because perhaps you found a better way or the old way of doing things no longer suits the conditions in place now. You knew change had to come and now the question is what did you put in place to activate these required changes?

There is an insistence for change when it is necessary because things are stale and what you did over this 6-month period will now stand in front of you and be ready for implementation.

Logical solutions are in place, and you probably know what to do. Sometimes computers and electronics are part of the process. Sometimes astrology answers some of the questions, and most times your intuitive understanding helps. Much will depend on the houses involved as this will be the areas of life influenced.

T Jupiter makes a square to this Full Moon’s position. Squares usually indicate some struggle and hurtles to overcome, however the square from Jupiter (the planet of opportunity) is not always overly challenging. Jupiter can expand energies in place although growth and prospects are also quite likely.

Jupiter in Taurus may suggest that finances and security may be part of the issue. Perhaps there is a need for settling in and building a foundation that over time will become more reliable than what is in place now. If things have been very rough over the last 6 months, Jupiter can build on what is in place and likely bring things to a head. Changes on some level are in store, but if you review the circumstances of how things were prior to this time, you will note that change is a requirement.

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