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On August 22, 2021, we will experience a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius at the 29th degree at 8:01 a.m. This is a Blue Moon (second Full Moon in August). There are indicators that planets in the 29th degree have a sense of urgency to them. The Full Moon speaks of a culmination point and the reaping of the fruits of our labor.

Aquarius often has to do with humanitarian principles and the desire to walk your own personal road. This then should be a unique time and opportunities are at hand due to the placements (in your chart) of the Full Moon.

Jupiter is conjunct the Moon at 26 degrees which signifies growth and expansion and the feeling that things are going well.

We also have a Grand Air Trine which denotes decisive action and a feeling that you need little if any help from outside sources. Grand trines have been noted to be closed circuits of self-sufficiency.

What was set in motion some six months ago should now come to fruition. Whatever efforts put forth leading up to the Full Moon will now bear fruit unless you did little or nothing with the energies up to this point.

Note which houses are involved and if a planet or significant point in your chart is within three degrees of this placement. The houses involved will relate to the area of life involved or significant angle which could be the Asc, MC, DC or IC. Check if any other planetary energy is tightly conjunct or in opposition to 29 degrees Aquarius as these are the strongest influences. The trine, sextile and quincunx can also play roles. The conjunction adds intensity while the opposition often speaks of other people being involved in the equation. The trine and sextile often denote positive and easy flow while the quincunx suggests that an adjustment is necessary.

The Grand Trine and the conjunction of Jupiter suggests a positive energy flow and potential for things working out well. This could be a very significant time and we should let the energies flow freely and work with what is in front of us.

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