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On December 18, 2021, @ 11:35 p.m. EST we will be experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Gemini at approximately 27 degrees.

All Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition to one another.

A Full Moon is a conclusion of something that had its roots set 6 months ago when the New Moon was in the same sign. The New Moon marks the beginning or start of the process and the Full Moon marks the culmination of the efforts that you have put forth over this period. You can harvest your efforts, make alterations to the plans or let go of the goal. The rewards or forward movement is defined by the efforts you put into this.

The sign and house position in the natal chart speak of avenues of expression (sign position) and area of life (house position). With a Gemini Full Moon there is often a duality to what is unfolding. Sometimes there are two paths forward or two distinct directions to pursue.

Gemini is a mutable, air sign and the modality and element will have to be defined as well to provide you with further indicators of how these energies will pan out in your life. Gemini suggests that a degree of change and adaptability will be part of the profile. The element Air always suggests a degree of intellect and mental stimulus taking place especially when connected to Gemini or the third house (naturally ruled by Gemini).

If for example this placement of the Moon is in your second house, then the area of financial resources or stability may be part of what takes place. There could be a connection to the home or family or perhaps the occupation might be part of the picture if the fourth house or tenth house or perhaps the sixth house are part of the profile. If friends and groups are important and relevant to what is taking place then perhaps the eleventh house is connected and if there is a degree of concern with health matters the sixth or twelfth or the Sun and Ascendant might be involved. A thorough look to review all energies in the chart is necessary to get a clear understanding of what is enhanced at this time.

A conjunction or opposition or square from a natal position within two or three degrees must be in place for this Full Moon to have influence in your personal chart.

There is a trine from transiting Jupiter at 28 degrees in the sign of Aquarius currently bringing potential for positive experiences to unfold. Growth and opportunities may be in place if the rest of the chart agrees. Regardless of whether there are challenging links to this placement however we can always use the energies to help resolve issues later or learn valuable lessons due to the energies inherent in the chart at this time. Although there are indicators of difficulties there are always positive spinoffs from every event and our attitude always has a significant role in how life is determined by us individually.

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