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We will be experiencing the Full Moon (called the “Cold Moon”, “Wolf Moon” or the “Moon before Yule” according to “”) on December 22, 2018 at the critical 0 degree in Cancer. This (degree) is known as a Aries degrees. This Full Moon comes into effect at 12:50 p.m. EST tomorrow. There is a wonderful sextile from transiting Uranus to the Moon which is accompanied by a very nice trine from transiting Uranus to the Sun.

This Full Moon is said to be a lucky one, as the need and desire for love and affection as well as nurturing moves from within to manifest externally.

The Aries degrees are the zero degree mark of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They are said to be very powerful in their expression and often when connected to the MC bring notarization to the individual with this placement. You can allow a two degree orb of influence so anyone with an MC at 28 degrees mutable to 2 degrees Cardinal will have this in their chart. It often suggests an influence in the world or recognition in some manner for those with this connection.

Those with planetary links to this positon will be affected by this Full Moon’s positioning on a personal level.

It is said that this positioning on a world level is promising, especially because of the Cancer placement. There is a need for love and affection in our world and there is no doubt about that. Let’s see what we can do as individuals to heighten this lunar expression. The more of us focusing on this energy and the more of us that get involved, the stronger the outcome can be.

On a personal level those with this connection can use these positive energies to help bring forward love and affection, not only for family but also for the world at large. If you have it connected to one of your planets or angles then take a look at which planet it touches and combine those energies with the nurturing qualities of Cancer. Look at the houses that these positions are located in and this will be areas of life that are affected and can be utilized in a forward motion to direct this energy outward.

The sextile from Uranus to the Moon can indicate opportunities that come out of nowhere or work through avenues that are unique. This energy can bring change on a positive note. Uranus is all about awakening, disruption and change. These energies from Uranus cause us to look at life’s situation and make changes or sometimes it makes external changes for us. It points towards a new direction that may deal with family and nurturing and may also assist in domestic concerns.

Make the best of this energy as the holiday season approached. This is the perfect time to make changes and make things happen.

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