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Our next Full Moon phase will be on August 15, 2019 at 8:31 a.m. EDT. This Full Moon will be located at 22 degrees in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius’ energies are highly connected to humanitarian concerns. Aquarius wishes nothing more than to persuade others to find their way out of complacency and begin anew. Anything old and outdated can now be released so that the way is cleared for what comes next. We cannot reach for the next rung on the ladder of life if we do not let go of the one we are holding onto.

The Full Moon, as mentioned many times in the past, is the time to harvest the fruits of our labour set in motion on the New Moon phase some six months ago. With an Aquarius influence, this is a time to purge and rid ourselves of unwanted materials. If what we began some six months ago now no longer suits our evolutionary quest, we can move ahead or make some changes in order to forge ahead or we can cut our losses. This is the end result, our harvest time and what we have nurtured and cared for we now bear fruit. We only reap what we have nurtured.

Aquarius at 22 degrees is in the third decant. This may suggest energies focused on relationships, and although the Moon always wants to nurture and take care of things, our emotions may not be in line with our intensions. Sometimes it is difficult to release pent up emotion or to express ourselves as we want to under this lunar placement. It is not that we are cold or unresponsive; we just might have a difficult time showing our true feelings. As mentioned, this decant, influenced by the energies of Libra, often has to do with relationships and transiting Venus forms a tight opposition to this placement. This can indicate some challenging times related to love and affection or women (the feminine) in general.

Oppositions usually suggest that the emphasis or energy comes from outside. Other individuals may cause this issue, if there is one. Much will depend on the other energies at play currently with our natal planetary positions and important points in our personal Astrology chart. Several squares to this positions or oppositions could indicate some challenges, while trines and sextiles often suggest easy flow and opportunities coming into play. As always, the whole chart must be reviewed carefully to get the full picture of what is taking place at any given time.

With this moon placement, Aquarius is often associated with a cause and this might be the time when we join a group of like-minded individuals who seek to share our insights and help facilitate growth in new directions.

There are always positive energies regardless of the planetary aspects in play. We just need to use the energies in a favourable manner to produce the best results.

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