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It is said that the New Moon is a time to set out goal and begin anew whereas the Full Moon Cycle is a time to manifest and bring closure. Plant the seed in life during the new moon and harvest the rewards during the full moon.

The moon is connected to our emotions and when there is a full moon our emotions are heightened or magnified. If we are in an angry state, the full moon will amplify this emotion. It is therefore important to prepare prior to the full moon to ensure that you have eliminated stress and anxiety through practices such as meditation or whatever other practice is effective for you.

This full moon will be in the sign of Aries which is a fire sign and all fire signs suggest action and moving in certain directions. As you can imagine with the Full Moon in Aries and the eclipse which will occur on the 27th of September (for those of us in Canada), action is the key word. Whatever you have been working on, and this would be something personal, will now beginning to unfold and you will see the effects of any action that you have taken up until this point.

A full Moon in Aries represents assertiveness, drive, and suggests that we should take the initiative and move forward in an aggressive fashion in whatever area of life our Moon falls in. Look at your transit chart to locate the house that the Moon current resides in. We would also have to take into consideration the house axis as the opposite house will also be affected. If for example if this eclipse falls in the fourth house, issues pertaining to the home and family as well as occupation will be highlighted. It may be a time for some critical decision making in these areas. Due to the tenth house, there may be public recognition or major family changes including a move or addition to the family, perhaps marriage. The areas of life affected should be out in the open for others to see. The tenth house is very public and new beginnings and changes will be quite upfront for others to see, while the fourth house is more of your private life and about security concerns or improvements for the family and home could be highlighted. You may have to find a healthy balance between the home life and your occupation.

Moon in the sign of Aries deals with self-promotion and putting ourselves out into the public in some way. Some may decide that this is time to finalize steps for plans that have been in the works to increase or expand business. Expansion and a move in a positive direction may be indicated or if this individual has moved ahead without enough planning, they may now find that their venture is no longer viable and they may have to shut down or adjust their goals.

Moving ahead slowly is always advised when the Moon is in Aries, as there is a great desire to achieve and achieve right now in the moment. Patience is often a lesson associated with Aries and if we decide to dismiss this virtue and the actions that were taken earlier might prove beneficial or they may be lacking in something that is important to our success due to the rush. Take the necessary time to weigh things out. When Aries is involved proceed with some caution although the opportunities for advancements are there.

The energies of a total Lunar eclipse often takes time to unfold and in some cases it can take up to 6 months. Did you know that the new Moon will be in Aries in six months from now? We will have come from now life harvesting in Aries to life seed planting again in Aries in March 2016.

If you have planetary links or the critical degrees (Ascendant/Midheaven) linked, it will be interesting to see how this manifests; time will tell. Check your chart to see if there are any other planetary links or house cusps on the 4 degree mark as they will also play a role in the unfolding of what takes place. During the full moon we often see the results or at the very least a glimmer of things to come with respect to something that you may have been working on.


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