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This Aries Full Moon is a busy one.

It makes a t-square as it is in opposition (as always with a Full Moon) to the Sun and both the Sun and the Moon are squaring Saturn. The Full Moon makes a sextile to Mars which is also in conjunction to the South Node. It also makes a trine to the North Node, which is always in direct opposition to the South Node. Finally it makes an opposition to Mercury. That is the technical part of the aspects. Now let’s explain what that means.

As you can see, even if you do not have a full understanding of Astrology, this is a busy period. Most Astrologers agree that the Full Moon’s impact lasts for approximately one month. Some Astrologers believe that the seeds were planted for this Full Moon back when we experienced the New Moon in Aries, six months ago. Now is the time to harvest those seeds.

As mentioned, the Full Moon is when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition, while a New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction. New Moon’s energies initiate activity, while Full Moon’s energy brings fruition to our actions. The Full Moon’s harvest will focus particularly to what we have grown in the garden of life (our work on our goals). If we planted the right seeds during the New Moon’s influence, then the Full Moon’s harvest is prosperous. If we did not nurture the seeds that we planets and did not remove the weeds standing in the way of the growth, then we will not be able to harvest and we need to tend a little further to our garden of life.

We will be experiencing a Cardinal T-Square which has similar qualities to that of the sign Taurus. Taurus is determined, understands the meaning of hard work and is willing to pursue their objectives while recognizing that this is what it takes to achieve whatever it is they have set out to do. This should be part of the process for those with a natal link to this Full Moons placement, although Aries does have challenges completing what it sets out to do at times. The Full Moon is at 2 degrees Aries so those with their Sun sign particularly in the sign of Aries or Libra within a three degree orb, as well as those with other planets tied into this placement will experience the strongest influence. Those with squares, trines, sextiles and other planetary placements within this degree will have a somewhat weaker influenced chart, although the square will usually produce activity and a strong push to rectify conditions or to move ahead with goals.

The T-Square is considered a challenging aspect and the focal planet Saturn,(check to see which house transiting Saturn is in your birth chart), will exemplify the opposite house. There is a tendency to place all efforts into this area. The energies of Saturn needs to be directed towards the opposite house, so if Saturn is transiting through the third house, then its energies will have to be put into action in the area of life dictated by the ninth house. Things need balancing, and hard work with a diligent effort is suggested (much similar to what was suggested by the sign of Taurus).

This Full Moon also makes a sextile to Mars which conjoins the South Node, possibly connected to opportunities of karmic rectification. Sometimes this deals with sexual overtones, but it always speaks of energy being directed into the area where transiting Mars is moving through in the natal chart. The Moon also makes a trine to the North Node suggesting that the ability of finding your right path is strong and influential people may have an impact at this time in your life. However hard work is implied and we should not miss any steps along the way or try to take short cuts when moving in the appropriate direction.

Finally, we have an opposition between the Moon and Mercury. Oppositions often imply that other people are involved and sometimes add to the intensity of the situation. Sometimes other people offer advice that we may not be too willing to accept, although we probably should. Sometimes they become a big part of the process taking hold in our life and it feels as though they are hindering things. Mercury however provides the ability for concentrated energy and the ability to think things through in order to make appropriate decisions. Balance and harmony are part of the equation especially because Mercury is currently transiting through Libra. If this involves partnership or business partnership then make sure that you use your discretion appropriately and watch for anger or arguments becoming part of the process due to the influence of Mars. Check to see where transiting Mercury is currently moving through in your birth chart. This house position will be the area of life that can help resolve any issues or push you ahead with your objectives.

Pheww; so much energy.

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