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The Full Moon (known as the wolf moon) is in Cancer today, January 12, 2017. This Full Moon is loaded with energies. It forms part of a Grand Cardinal Square with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

The Full Moon falls at 22degrees in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a nurturing, feeling sign, the energies of which want to mother and look after others especially those that are considered family. The Sun (always in opposition to a Full Moon) will be in Capricorn. Cancer and Capricorn are the natural rulers of the 4th and 10th houses and often are indicative of our parents and might suggest a parental theme during this full moon.

The Cardinal Square is not considered a favourable configuration, as squares and oppositions often indicate strife and challenging conditions. Much will depend on if you have any planets or angles around the 22 degree mark particularly if they happen to be in Cardinal signs. This particular planet or angle would be activated and subject to intensity, change, and diversity. Much of what takes place may be unpredictable in its nature. Check the house locations in your own personal chart to see which areas of life will be connected and activated today.

Although the Grand Square is considered a challenging aspect, much can be accomplished during this cycle. Often endings are followed by new beginnings. Endings usually call for new directions in life, usually after some struggle. You will be required to carefully plan out any actions taken on your part and you may find that what unfolds actually has been in the works for some time. Conditions may come to fruition and can work out very well. At other times, conditions can bring surprises and challenging conditions that must be dealt with. Much depends on what you personal astrology chart is suggesting. The beauty of the squares and oppositions is that they often challenge us to move forward or change directions which from which we eventually reap the rewards.

This will be a time of correcting any miscalculations made or misdirection taken some time ago. We can either let things go and starting new in a completely different direction or reflecting on what has taken place and make adjustments before moving forward again.

Saturn is also part of this process. It is inconjunct the Full Moon at 22 degrees Sagittarius which suggests that any business plans set in motion will now need some fine tuning, and you can move forward, especially now that Mercury is no longer in retrograde.

Allow your feelings to guide you through this cycle and follow through or start anew regardless of hurdles or disturbances. If you have to begin again, so be it. Start fresh with an optimistic view. Jupiter can promise success on some level even if it is in square to the Moon. Do not forget to check your personal chart to see any other planetary involvement as well as any angles that might play a significant role in the unfolding of this cycle.

All the best and stay true to yourself.

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