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We will be experiencing the energies of the Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn on the 19th of July.

The Full Moon suggests that it is time to harvest the seeds that you planted during the new Moon in Capricorn six months ago. The energies of the Full Moon help to bring your plans into fruition.

It is time to act, if you are prepared that is, as Capricorn is a sign associated with the organization of plans and using practical means to achieve whatever it is you have set out to do. It is also a time to have a close look at these ideas. Are you ready? Have you prepared accordingly and taken the time to create your foundation to set these things in motion? If you are prepared and you have set the groundwork in place, now may be the time to reap your rewards or take action. Much will depend on the amount of time you have taken preparing and how solid the foundation is that you have set. If you are not ready or have fallen short, now could be the time when you should pick up the pieces and begin anew or change direction. You may have to count your losses and drop the project all together if this is what needs to be done.

The house location of the Full Moon will define what area of life we are talking about for your specific chart. If, for example, the Full Moon is in your tenth house, the house that is naturally ruled by Capricorn, now may be the time to act on your career choices, to ask for that promotion or start your own business.

The Full Moon will be at 27 degrees 40 minutes Capricorn and if you have any planets making a connection to this degree, especially by conjunction, this could be a very significant period in your life. Have a look at how this degree of the Full Moon is being aspected in your chart by natal planets and other transits and progressions as this will help you understand what obstacles you might be facing or how smooth these plans will materialize. You can give yourself a ten degree angle of influence. As a result, any planet between 22 degrees and 2 degrees will be in the orb of impact.

Capricorn’s energies are associated with organization, responsibility, opportunity to move forward after diligent work, ambition, patience which is often part of the process with a Full Moon in Capricorn and persistence. These are requirements that meet the criteria of this Full Moon. You will have to be persistent and you cannot allow negativity to enter into the equation. Understand that Capricorn requires you to work hard for your rewards and nothing comes easily. You reap what you sow. Often patience becomes a virtue and a lesson well learned during this cycle.

It is time to move ahead in your objectives and the area of life affected can become very productive for you if you take the necessary time and make the proper plans.

All the best in your future endeavours and make sure you use this opportunity to advance your cause.

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