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On July 3, 2023, we will experience a Capricorn Full Moon @ 11° making a favourable trine to Transiting Jupiter @ 9° Taurus. This lunar position will also be in opposition to T Mercury @ 13° Gemini. Confirm that this positioning of this Full Moon is affecting any planets or angles in your Natal chart. Conjunctions and Oppositions will have the greatest impact but they must be within 3° to influence your life.

The Full Moon is a harvest time of what we have been nurturing over the past 6 months since we experienced the New Moon in Capricorn. The energy we put into our goals will be reflected in the quality of our harvest.

The Full Moon in Capricorn can be very ambitious although somewhat cautious as change is not often well received if this is part of the picture moving forward. However, there is a high degree of determination to succeed, and you know that it will likely take time before you reach your objectives. What was begun on the New Moon phase is now ready to move forward on some level and this will either give you the security that you are looking for and provide some gain or you will have to let things go because you did not pursue your ambitions with dedication.

The Moon has to do with security and feelings while Capricorn has to do with ambitions and achievements. How can you now expand on this?

Does this have something to do with your ambitions, perhaps linked to your career?

Will you gain recognition for your accomplishments?

The trine to Jupiter might provide you with the good luck needed to accomplish what you set out to do and perhaps expand your horizons. While Mercury in opposition may cause you to wonder if you made the right decisions at the right time, or did you push a little too early.

Are others standing in your way or trying to take what you deserve?

What fits your particular situation?

Jupiter promotes growth and perhaps it will take a little time before your goals mature to what you might like them to be. You should be optimistic about your endeavors. All the best as things come to fruition. Take advantage of the energies of Jupiter and promote yourself without being egotistical.

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