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FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN JULY 9, 2017 (Toronto area)

We will be experiencing a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9, 2017 at 12:06 a.m. (EST) at 18 degrees. Depending on where you live, you may experience this Buck or Thunder Moon on July 8.

Individuals with a planet or angle within 5 degrees of this 18 degree position will be affected by this Full Moon. A Full Moon can have its greatest influence on the seeds that were planets 6 months ago when we experienced a New Moon in the same sign (Capricorn).

New Moons have the potential to set into motion or germinate seeds associated with the sign it is in. During the New Moon phase in Capricorn, you may have planted seeds related to business and your profession. Capricorn’s energies enhance diligence with anything that is set in motion. Capricorn understands that patience will be part of a successful process. In order to create something worthwhile, it takes time and effort and much of what is unfolding at this time, during the Full Moon, will be reflective of the energies you have been putting forth since last December’s new moon. Capricorn understands that hard work it part of the process and is willing to do what must be done to achieve its objectives.

Much will depend on the house that will be affected by this Full Moon. In order to obtain the house location, locate the position of 18 degrees Capricorn in your birth (natal) chart. This will be the house that will be highlighted. If the fourth house is highlighted, for example, then the area of home and family will be the focus. If the location is your ninth house, the full moon’s energies could affect litigation, publishing, travel or education.

If by chance you find that you are ill prepared, it might be a good time to begin anew or revisit the conditions (in the area of life that is affected). Make appropriate alterations to the process you have already begun. If you have prepared well for this Full Moon’s energies and are ready, it is time to move forward with your objectives.

If there seems to be many opposing factors to this positioning in your chart (challenging aspects) you would still be advised to move ahead although you may find that there are hurtles to overcome and there will be challenges along the way.

If you have several easy aspects linked to this location, you will find that the energies are flowing without much restriction and your goals will be easily brought into fruition.

Much also will depend on the attitude you take during this period and where your place your focus. Attitude, belief structure and expectations have a huge impact in our goals. Insure that you are using all that is at your disposal, with focus in mind. It is very hard to achieve in life if you have a defeatist’s attitude and this applies to that which you are trying to implement.

Using the Full Moon’s energies is always suggested and believing in yourself can only bring greater results.

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