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According to the American Ephemeris, we will be having a Gemini Full Moon on November 25th at 22:45. In order to have a Full Moon, the Sun has to be in direct opposition. During this Gemini Full Moon or Beaver Full Moon, the sun will be in opposition to the moon 3 degrees 20 minutes Sagittarius.

This Full Moon is more powerful than most as we will also have Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct the Sun as well. It will be particularly strong in your chart if you have any planets or important points (MC or ASC) between 2-8 degrees of any sign. The conjunctions, oppositions and the squares will be the most significant but the trine and sextile will also have an impact if you have anything in your birth chart at these degrees.

As indicated in previous full moon posts, the Full Moon is a time to harvest our goals which were previously planted during a New Moon. Gemini often suggests that several ideas may have been mulled around during the planting of the seeds for your goals. If we breakdown our ideas and perhaps choose just one or even two of these goals to focus on, the harvest can be rewarding.

Any project that involved study and learning or perhaps literature will be suitable to harvest under Gemini’s influence. If we decided to continue our education in some way, we may now be seeing how these seed can be manifested. If we have scattered our energies in too many directions, we may now find that most of these ideas or adventures we previously embarked on have little chance of returning any benefits. The key under a Gemini Moon is to pick one focus, which could be difficult to do, but the chances for success are greater if you narrow down your choices to one or two.

If you entered into a written agreement or other form of communication or contract, you may find that your work is now nearing an end and things are now reaching culmination. Sharing ideas on any subject and putting several minds together perhaps in business related ways may now be showing the results of hard work or work not completed. The results will vary because of this.

With the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all in conjunction in Sagittarius in opposition to the Moon in Gemini, any plans for advancement would be going through a testing period. You will have to weigh out all the facts and perhaps make some adjustments. Listening to other people’s advice is suggested during this time frame and over the next few days. The advice or suggestions being offered might serve you well. These energies suggest that a person in authority or someone of great knowledge could now be of great benefit.

With careful preparation and moving forward in a slow and steady manner making sure all the t’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted, would really help to promote whatever it is you may be putting into form now. The planning and processing of your ideas have a much greater chance of success if you follow these guidelines.

Our minds function well when conjoined with the forces of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in Sagittarius. It may be time for you to finish some long standing legal documentation or you may be deciding on furthering your education or a graduation may be at hand. Sagittarius is all about higher learning and this can be expressed on many levels of understanding, including religious views, spiritual values and mystical beliefs.

This is an exciting time. Check your natal chart to see which houses will be involved to get a better idea of where the potential lies. Also check to see how Saturn, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun are aspected in your natal chart for this adds further definition.


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