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We will be experiencing the energies of a Full Moon in Gemini on December 3, 2017. As most of our readers are aware, the Full Moon represents a culmination or harvest of our efforts we planted on the New Moon cycle of Gemini some six months ago. This is not always the case for our shorter term ambitions but quite often fits with long term goals.

The Full Moon energies will be the time when you can fully move forward with your objectives especially when it comes to taking a course, reading materials of interest, formulating actions based on the written material and intellectual pursuits as these are the energies of Gemini. We can expand these energies to include schooling of almost any kind, teaching and in general moving ahead with any learning material or perhaps the signing of documents as you should now be ready.

In addition to the energies of the Full Moon on December 3, 2017, Mercury also goes retrograde, and Mercury’s retrograde motion suggests that you review all of your material before moving forward and then move forward when it becomes direct again on December 22, 2017. The Full Moon is telling us to harvest but Mercury is saying not to. I it is suggesting that we do completely review what we have planned and what we have done to see these plans to fruition and then on December 22, 2017, move forward.

If upon review of the research and prep work you have carried out to this point, you find that in some ways it does not meet the full criteria, perhaps you will need to do some crunching and recalibrate the material to tweak it a little. If you find that there are many flaws in what you have been trying to accomplish, this will be the time when you may scrap the idea altogether.

You will be able to honestly review all of actions and prep work to this point. You can decide what is best for the project at hand.

This Full Moon is at 11 degrees Gemini. Currently, Neptune is at 11 degrees Pisces which will square this Full Moon’s position perhaps making our sense of direction a little murky and unclear. Neptune can cloud things and make decision making difficult. Neptune’s energy will start to dissipate in February. 2018, and perhaps this might be the better time to push ahead with your plans, although by the end of December, 2017, you should be able to move forward with your plans if you feel comfortable. The fog will begin to clear when Neptune is around 13 degrees.

Through transit, Jupiter is at 11 degrees Scorpio at this time, although Jupiter will be clear by mid-December, 2017. The aspect between the Full Moon and Jupiter is an quincunx suggesting some alterations and adjustments to your plans may be in order.

You will also need to check which house this Full Moon falls into in your natal chart as this will be the area of life that is being highlighted. This information will give you some guidance as to what these energies are speaking about. Also have a look to see if you have any planets in your birth chart at or near to this degree. These birth planets will also play into this equation.

If you feel ready, but are afraid to move forward, this may be caused by Neptune and perhaps you will need to rise above these energies. Square aspects in Astrology do provide motivation and although there may be some stumbling blocks in the way, they can be quite minor. You may just need to have faith in the process. If by chance your attempt does not pan out then it just means you were not fully prepared and you can have a closer look at how you might rectify the situation and then move ahead at a later date. Timing is quite important.

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