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We will be experiencing a Full Moon today, April 7, 2020, at 10:35 p.m. EDT. The Pink (April) Supermoon will be at 18 degrees and 44 minutes Libra and will makes a quincunx to the planet Neptune which will be at 19 degrees of Pisces.

A Full Moon is the culmination of events or the harvest time of our efforts. What we have started and the effort we have made will reflect the harvest we reap. Obviously, outcomes will be different for each one of us. This is the time to harvest, to move even further with our objectives, to make minor changes or begin again. The work we have put into these matters determines what our next course of action will be.

Since this Full Moon has to do with Libra, the sign for the need for balance and a strong desire for harmony, this may be an indicator that, in part, our lessons around this pandemic might be about seeking a balance throughout the world and finding harmony for all its inhabitants. Libra has to do with relationships. This begins at home with our relationships with close family and then extends outward with our relationship to people within our community, within our country, within all nations.

Perhaps the balance that we are seeking is found in orchestrating a helping hand to those nations that are in dire need. Perhaps the balance that we seek comes from within. Libra has the ability to make sound judgement and being ruled by Venus has the ability to move ahead gently and with consideration. Libra is a balancing sign not a balanced sign.

This lunar placement making an aspect to Neptune speaks of things being unclear and vague and a degree of uncertainty is in the air. We can all identify with this no doubt. Some Astrologers associate illness with the quincunx aspect. Neptune has also been associated with hard to diagnose illnesses especially when found in the sixth house.

To gain specific information we would have to refer to our natal chart to see which houses are involved (areas of life involved on a personal level). The solar chart will also help define what the year from birthday to birthday suggests. Much can be learned through a clear and concise reading of these charts.

Be safe!

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