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For those new to reading our posts, the full Moon is a time to reap the rewards of past efforts (harvest from the garden of life, so to speak) or it little work has gone into something, it may be time to re-evaluate. If you nurtured your seeds, it can be a rewarding harvest or if you have neglected your seeds, there may be hope to nurture your plans back to health. If, however, you have completely neglected your garden, you may have to plough it under and start anew.

This current Full Moon is in the sign of Libra at zero degrees. This is known as a cardinal point in Astrology which is a place of action and there will be plenty of energy. Anyone with a planet or angle close (within 4 to 5 degrees) to this placement by conjunction or opposition (and to a lesser degree square, trine, or sextile,) can use these energies to complete a project or see where you might tweak your plans to see them to fruition.

This project or goal could be personal in nature, internal if you wish; however it could also be external. Much depends on what area you have already been working on. The house position of the Full Moon will be the area of life associated with what these energies are about for you personally. Aspects from other natal positions or angles will define this energy more clearly.

With the Full Moon in the sign of Libra now is a time of balancing and harmonizing energies; a time of justice sought, truth revealed and sometimes change of direction and disruption. This is due in part to the influence of transiting Uranus in the sign of Taurus which is currently quincunx this position. A quincunx is an aspect of adjustment, somewhat disharmonious and can be challenging. However, the change and disruption is necessary as change is a prerequisite of Uranus’ energies.

Uranus seeks freedom. It has a need for something new and is often found through dramatic, unconventional and erratic manners. Sometimes its action is sudden and unexpected and the move in a new direction can be rather tumultuous, but as mentioned, necessary.

Look to see which sign and house transiting Uranus is in with your natal chart. Also review which planets in the birth chart are aspecting Uranus to get further insight into probabilities. You should also have a look at the natal position and aspects to natal Uranus as this is always part of the underlying process taking place. The natal potential always has to be reviewed.

The Full Moon is also tied to purging anything that no longer serves a viable purpose and this is strong with the influence of Uranus. The Full Moon can also be reflective of past events and Uranus when Pluto is also part of the equation can bring these events or issues to the surface so you can deal with them.

It is always best to do what needs to be done as the outer planets often force action and when we sit back and do nothing, the energies can push something to the surface and if forced to face these changes, they may come to us in a far less desirable manner than if we did the purge when first nudged to do so.

How we judge the action, good or bad, does not matter. It is a time of reconciliation and change which is always beneficial in the end.

Move ahead with plans if you have taken the time previous to this period to carry out your goals. Line up with the energies available. Uranus may push you hard to make changes, but always try to weigh things out before jumping with eyes closed.

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