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As many of us understand, the Full Moon is a time to harvest our efforts set in motion previously (often started with the New Moon in the same sign some six months previous to the Full Moon). This can be the time when, for example, a relationship can move to the next level. Perhaps we have met someone during the New Moon phase and now we either find that the relationship moves forward in a positive direction, changes or the relationship is released, and we move on.

The Full Moon we will experience tomorrow, March 31, 2018, will be in the sign of Libra. Libra often deals with one-on-one relationships and these relationships are normally romantic in nature. Libra is always looking to finding someone to share their lives with and many feel as though they are incomplete unless they have someone important in their lives.

This Full Moon occurs at 10 degrees Libra, so for its energies to have a real impact in your life, you will need to have other planets near the 10-degree mark in your chart. If you do not have anything near this degree, the energies of this full moon may pass you by with very little impact.

If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is near this degree (especially if one of these is also in the same sign) in all likelihood the energies are pointing to a relationship of significance (particularly if you have your DC conjunct a planet at this degree).

Libra is always seeking harmony and peaceful conditions and its wish is to balance life and keep the peace. This may play into the energies at hand and keeping the peace may be very important.

If keeping the peace is of importance to you, pay close attention to what it is that you might be giving up to have this all-important peace and harmony in your life. Balance out the costs.

Transiting Mars and Saturn are conjunct one another and they are both square to this lunar positioning creating a T-square. (The Sun and Moon are always in opposition with one another when we have a full Moon.) A T-square often implies that there is a push for and even a need for achievement, but normally the individual will need to find some type of motivational energies to move forward. With Mars and Saturn together the energies are pushing in two different directions. One side of this energy wants to forge ahead and the other wants to stop and make sure that things are secure and in place before any action is taken. The energies of Saturn can cause us to be a little cautious and perhaps this is a good thing, as we would like to be sure that what we plan on doing is appropriate and that we are not acting on impulse.

The house that Transiting Saturn and Mars are in within our chart will be the focal area for these life events to play out. Houses are always areas of life and this placement (as long as it is activated) will be the area of life that is highlighted.

At the same time, Mercury while in its retrograde motion, will be passing over this degree and is in opposition to the Moon or conjunct to the Sun which suggests that this is not a time to make important life changing plans. It is often best to wait until Mercury goes direct before we move ahead. It would be more appropriate for this to be a time to review our plans and also make sure that we are doing the right thing. Ultimately, our harvest should be something that is important to us. What are your needs? Taking care of ourselves is not a selfish thing, as long as we are not intentionally hurting others.

This could be a time of rather sensitive energies that we may be experiencing. Heed the advice of others. Listen to your intuitive nudges. Wait (do not jump on impulse) to make that move to ensure you have made all the preparation necessary. Mistakes because of a lack of patience could be costly, but fear can also hold us back from doing what is necessary.

Take the time you need and your plans and preparation will have a greater chance of a favourable outcome.

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