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On May 21, 2016 at 5:16 p.m. EDT the Moon will be full. The full moon, known as the flower moon, will be 1 degree 14 minutes in Sagittarius.

You will be particularly personally affected by this Full Moon if you have links in your birth chart to 1 degree and particularly if in Conjunction, Square, Trine and Opposition. A Full Moon is often thought to bring a time of harvest of the seeds of life that you planted on the New Moon Cycle of the same sign, but during this time, you can also begin something new that previously you have been making plans for.

With the Full Moon in the fire sign of Sagittarius, this is a prime time to begin something and set things in motion, as fire signs are enthusiastic, and energy is associated with this element. Sagittarius is a high minded sign which is reflected strongly by its connection to Jupiter the planet of expansive energy and optimistic realizations. Sagittarius loves adventure and starting something new particularly in areas that involve spirituality and mystical pursuits, as well as travel.

Jupiter is known as the most opportunistic planet and brings with it good luck, good fortune and an overall feeling of exuberance. Jupiter is expansive and builds on anything that you put in front of it, making it larger than life and full of expectations. If you have plans that you have been working on or plans that you wish to bring to fruition, this will be a good time to push forward. Your chances of success are heightened and a general feeling of optimism will be present.

If this is a business plan in the making, now might be the time to figure out what you need to do to move ahead. If there is a marriage proposal, the timing might be perfect and you can complete your plans that could prove to be perfect in many ways.

As mentioned Jupiter promotes growth and good fortune and offers opportunities, especially as Mercury will go direct May 22, the day after this Full Moon. Transiting Mars will also conjunct this position of the Moon on the same day as Mercury goes direct. This will emphasize these energies and if you have been procrastinating, now would be the time to take action. Mars is retrograde during this cycle and often the retrograde motion is definitive of keeping action to a minimum. If, however, you have been procrastinating retrograde Mars suggests the opposite.

Verify what house in your natal or birth chart that is affected by this conjunction of transiting Mars and the Moon as this will be the area of life that will be affected. If you have other planets or important points in this same degree or close to the same degree, this might be a very eventful time in your life. All the houses that are affected will play a part in defining just what potential lies ahead. It is as though the energy of these planets is stimulated by this Full Moon and Mars.

This can be a time of decisive action and the motivational force will be Jupiter which promises good luck especially if well aspected in the natal chart. If you have set things in motion at the New Moon phase, this will be the time to reap your rewards. You will now see the fruits of your labour. You may push ahead or reset and count your loses. The energy you put into things now has great opportunities to expand and has the potential to work out well over the long haul.

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