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What an active day Monday, June 20, 2016 will be. We will be experiencing the Sun going into Cancer, the Summer Solstice and the second Full Moon in Sagittarius in a row. Today we will look at the Full Moon. It will be 29 degree 33 minutes Sagittarius. If you have links to 29 degrees in your birth chart (Conjunction, Square, Trine and Opposition), the energies of this Full Moon will certainly be felt. Remember to allow a 6 to 7 degree orb. If any planet falls at 26 degrees up to and including 3 degrees into the next sign, it will be aspecting the Full Moon.

The conjunction is the most powerful of these aspects especially if it is connected to your ascendant or midheaven. A Full Moon is often thought to bring a conclusion to events which may have been started at the New Moon cycle, but you can also begin something that you have been making plans for under the energies of the Full Moon.

With the Full Moon again in the fire sign of Sagittarius, this is a prime time to begin something and set things in motion, as fire signs are enthusiastic and energy is associated with this element. Sagittarius is a high minded sign which is reflected strongly by its connection to Jupiter, the planet of expansive energy and optimistic realizations. Sagittarius’ energy loves adventure and starting something new particularly in areas that involve spirituality and mystical influences, as well as travel.

Jupiter is known as the most opportunistic planet and brings with it good luck, good fortune and an overall feeling of exuberance. Jupiter is expansive and builds on anything that you put in front of it, making it larger than life and full of expectations. If you have plans that you have been working on or plans that you wish to bring to fruition, this will be a good time to push forward. Your chances of success are heightened and a general feeling of optimism is often present.

If your plans are related to business, now might be the time to figure out what you need to do to move ahead. If it is a marriage proposal in the works, the timing might be just right and you could make future plans that could prove to be perfect in many ways. As mentioned, Jupiter promotes growth and good fortune and offers opportunities. Mars goes direct on June 28 and during the retrograde cycle it is believed that you should keep actions to a minimum You may even have felt as though things were stagnating for the time when Mars was retrograde. If you have been procrastinating during the retrograde cycle, this would be the time under the Full Moon energies to get things moving again especially if you have prepared ahead. Your energies should be heightened as Mars goes direct and this second Sagittarius Full Moon only serves to give you an extra boost.

This can be a time of decisive action and the motivational force will be Jupiter which promises good luck especially if well aspected by other factors. If you planted the seeds under the influence of the New Moon phase, this will be the time of harvest of what you started then. You can now pick the fruits of your labour. You may push ahead or if the necessary preparation did not go into your plans, if need be, reset and count your loses and start again. The energy you put into things now has great opportunities to expand and work out well over the long haul.

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