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On April 26 at 11:33 p.m. we will be experiencing a Full Moon at 7 degrees in the sign of Scorpio. This will be the time when we reap the rewards for what was started some 6 month ago when we experienced the New Moon in Scorpio.

We may want to remove and cleanse anything in our life that no longer suits our evolutionary growth. As this is an opposition, in many cases, other people are involved, and we will need to be sure that the action we harvest is is our decision and not bases on what others would want us to do. We need to be in control of our choices.

This is a sensitive placement of the Moon in Scorpio and perhaps you have been formulating an action plan or have gone deep within to come to the conclusion that you are reaching now. In some cases, this can include things that you may not have acknowledged and now they are coming to the surface. The subconscious is often involved and that which was put in place during the New Moon phase of Scorpio may now be going through its final defining moment and we have choices to make.

Scorpio often deals with matters that are considered taboo or sometimes referred to as the shadow side of life, so what surfaces may not be that pleasant to the senses. There may be an intuitive flavour to what takes place and the occult\mysticism may be part of the picture. What we started is now coming to fruition, and we now reap what we have sown.

Scorpio is deep and reflective and wants nothing more than to delve beneath the surface of matters. It searches for the truth and pushes it to the surface. Transformations take place due to the intensity and ability to get to the core of the matter. Uranus may still have a lingering effect and something that surfaces may not be what you expected. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and is sudden in its action. However abrupt this might be or sudden in action, the changes are necessary and the need to remove anything that stands in the way of advancement on an evolutionary and evolving level needs adjusting or total change.

Stay open to all possibilities.

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