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We will be experiencing a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus at 19 degrees today, November 12 at 8:37 a.m. EST.

It has been noted that the energies of a Full Moons have a reputation of being rather aggressive particularly with actions taken by some people in the general public. Violent actions such as assault and accidents are known to be heightened when we experience the energies of a Full Moon. This of course is not always the case although incidences are noted to increase by emergency responders.

Astrologically, the Full Moon speaks in terms of eliminating and removing unwanted material in our lives. Often times, it speaks of a culmination point when we will need to address situations in our lives (determined by the house positions) that will now need to be addressed and changed or reviewed and then formulated to take specific action. It is important that because of the lunar effects and emotional interactions that are often accompanied with a Full Moon that we make sure that we are in control of our actions and that we are not led astray because of emotional over reaction.

The Full Moon can, as mentioned many times in previous posts, also be the harvest time in our garden of life. Now is the time to reap the benefits of all of the hard work we have carried out to reach our goals (particularly the ones that are associated with the energies of the full moon).

A Full Moon in the sign of Taurus may speak of solidification or a need for structure so that things can be steadfast and reliable. Taurus seeks stabilizing conditions and is intent on building a structure that will stand the test of time. So if this were focused on a relationship, it would be wise to make sure that this is what you want long term in your life. If this has to do with your occupation or plans of action it would be important that you make sure you are putting your right foot forward under this influence.

Transiting Pluto will be making a trine to this position which suggests that although potentially disruptive and dramatic the likely effects of this Full Moon will be transformational in positive ways which are often understood at a later date. Pluto sometimes speaks of an end or close to conditions and after a personal review of these conditions after you will be pointed in the proper direction even if it does not look that way at present.

Pluto will insist that you get to the route of the situation and explore what needs to be regenerated. Once this has been done things will transform so that all connected with this energies will be more suitable down the road. This is a trine aspect which does suggest a somewhat of an easy flow, fortunate conditions and positive outcomes as time passes and things settle.

Pluto is the agent of transformation and its actions can be intense or subtle but much depends on the situation at hand and how the rest of the chart correlates with these energies.

At the same time, we also have (although rather short lived) Mercury which is in retrograde moving across this positioning from November 9-14 and again in early December, 2019. Mercury while in retrograde is suggestive of a time to reflect and to make plans but not to take action if at all possible. When Mercury returns to its direct motion is the appropriate time to move ahead. Again, November 9-14, 2019, is when Mercury is retrograde and making an aspect the Full Moon. The last couple of days of November and into the first 3-5 days of December is when Mercury is direct and influencing this placement.

It is important to know that you will need planets or angles (especially the Ascendant and MC) within approximately 3-4 degrees of this placement in order to experience this Full Moon’s energies in your life personally. Take into consideration the type of aspect this lunar position is making to your personal chart as well as the house positions in play.

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