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Today, March 9, 2020 we will be experiencing a Full Super Moon in Virgo at 19 degrees 36 minutes at 1:48 p.m. EDT.

Those that have planets especially conjunct, square or opposition to this degree in your natal chart will be affected by this Lunar event. An orb of up to 3 degrees either applying or separating can be used (16 degrees to 22 degrees).

There are two close transiting planets making aspects to this Full Moon. Neptune is at 18 degrees in the sign of Pisces, so in opposition to the Full Moon and Jupiter is at 21 degrees Capricorn which is in trine to this Full Moon placement.

For those new to our page and to the energies of the Moon, Full Moons are known as culmination points. This is the time to harvest whatever seeds (plans) that were planets (started) six months ago under the influence of the Virgo New Moon. We now see the results of our efforts whether we fall short due to not enough preparation or not enough application or whether we reap a bountiful harvest. There will be times that we will reap our efforts, or we may need to make minor alterations or sometimes we may need to let go of things and begin again.

Virgo’s energies will insist on the meticulous handling of materials. They will point out any flaws in the procedure and will seek perfection. Likely you have been hard at work and now the fruits are ready for harvest. Everything must be in its proper order but try not to be too critical of your work. Perfection under many circumstances are simply not attainable. Details will be important and the energy that you have put into your work will definitely be seen now.

How have you done?

Were you working diligently towards the completion?

Is your goal now complete or does it need some minor tweaking? You be the judge.

The house where this Full Moon is located within your natal chart will be the area of life that is involved. Other natal aspects to this position will give further details and details are what you are looking for. Nothing half way suits you especially if you too have a Virgo Sun placement.

The opposition from Neptune might make things a little unclear and you may not be seeing things as they truly are. Other people might not view things as you do and they may infiltrate your work and perhaps ask you to work with them on this project. Neptune can certainly make things uncertain and blurred and you will need to use a clear perspective in order to see things as they truly are. This can manifest in many ways. Perhaps you view your work as perfect and nothing needs changing or perhaps you feel as though there is still some work to do. Ask others for their opinions as they may have a clearer perspective than you do, but make sure you can trust them. Don’t be too objective as you might just need someone else to offer advice. Alternatively, perhaps someone is standing in the way and not allowing full expression.

The trine from Jupiter in most cases brings fortunate outcomes and growth, and opportunities are often a by-product when Jupiter is involved. This may be related to business especially if the 10th or 6th houses are part of the equation. This may be personal in nature and at the same time involve the home and family especially if the 1st and 4th houses are involved.

It will be important to weigh things out but you should be ready for the next phase of this adventure. Jupiter does offer good luck and perhaps finances are involved as well as your profession or the actual working environment if the 2nd, 6th or 10th are involved.

Make sure you are seeing things clearly and don’t be too fussy. Overlook some of the small details and if things look good, move ahead. Sometimes opportunities come in different packaging than what we are expecting.

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