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As we have stated before, a Full Moon brings to fruition our intentions placed when the New Moon was in the same sign. The New Moon was in Virgo in September, 2015.

The February full moon is called the Snow Moon. According to the Farmer’s Almanac some North American native cultures refer to the February full moon as the Hungry Moon due to the harsh conditions for hunting.

Virgo energies assist us to put things in order, to create detailed accountings and then offer the ability to put these focuses into practice. The house where the new Moon fell in September, 2015, will be the area of life that needed order and disciplined action. If, for example, you had your seventh house involved, relationships (most likely the specific individual you were involved with) would be the areas of life that would have needed focus or more structure or organization. If the area of life involved were the second house, the focus would be on financial security.

The Full Moon in Virgo will be at 3 degrees and 34 minutes. The efforts you used over this whole period since the new moon will now be evident. If you have other planets in close proximity to 3 degrees, these planetary energies will also be affected and the houses will represent the area of life that will be part of the process.

As suggested, the New Moon phase is a time to set your intentions and start moving forward in a chosen direction. By setting your intentions, you actually set things in motion. Again, the Full Moon can be the harvest time for those intentions or if the intention is quite involved, it can be a time when you can move one step further in the development of what was set in motion at the New Moon.

You may feel more ready to act and this lunar influence will provides you with the push you need to take that next step. You will feel energetically more capable and energized to handle what is taking place in your life and you may be compelled to push forward in anticipation of what lies ahead. Watch out for fears of potential failures as this will limit the outcome. Fear holds you back and as long as your intentions are honourable and will not harm others, release fear and you may now feel more able to complete these tasks.

This is a harvest time but also a time to act. Sometimes you may feels that you are finished and now is the time to take a new direction or focus and often this is the case. This most certainly is a time to take that next step forward. Some important connections can be made during this lunar influence. Many of these individual that have been brought to the forefront of your life are here to help and assist you in what lies around the next corner.

Remind yourself of what it is you intend to manifest. Re-evaluate what you are utilizing to make these intentions materialize.

Virgo is always looking for perfection. Virgo wants life to be orderly. This is essential and what must be done under the influence of Virgo. With order, you can put the final touches on you intentions. As a result, you move forward with a clear slate and focused mind. However, watch for becoming too nitpicky and finding all the small faults in the process at hand. Virgo can go to the extreme and tear things apart and view life and its events with far too much focus on what is seen as faults. Look for the middle ground. We can expect some challenging conditions in our journey but these are only lessons not walls. Accept, release and move forward in your chosen direction.

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