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This Full Moon (January 28 @ 2:18 a.m.) is in the sign of Leo, the king of the jungle, the ruler, the leader. The Full Moon speaks of a culmination point, a time to harvest the fruits of our efforts.

It is interesting to note that on January 20, 2021, transiting Uranus and transiting Mars are conjunct at 6 degrees in the sign of Taurus. This conjunction is a most detrimental combination, as you can imagine. The energies or Mars (war and aggression) align with Uranus (revolution and change). This was the date of the inauguration of the new president into office in the United States of America. Mars and Uranus do not sit well together, and anything is possible. We have previously written about the combination of Mars and Uranus.

These two planets, however, will be in square to this Full Moon positioning. Mars will be at 9 degrees and Uranus almost at 7 degrees both in Taurus. Hopefully there will be some stabilizing influence, but likely some challenging conditions along the way just prior to their connecting.

Squares are troublesome and bring challenging situations into the framework of the energies created by the Full Moon’s positioning. The good or favorable conditions that may follow are due to the fact that squares are so troubling that they force us into action.

Leo is the sign of royalty and part of its sphere of influence has to do with wanting control over situations. This usually stems from the heart and the intension is nearly always for the general good of those involved. Leo is a proud sign and from a personal perspective, the work that has been done prior to this time, (dating back some 6 months to the New Moon in Leo) will define how things unravel. Remember in order for this placement to have an effect on you in personal terms, you will need to have planets in your chart within 3 degrees of this 9 degree angle. The conjunction, square and opposition will have the most profound effects in your life and the areas of life involved will be defined by the houses involved. For further information contact your Astrologer.

Jupiter is also part of this profile as it is in opposition to this placement of the Full Moon at 8 degrees in Aquarius. Oppositions are also considered challenging as the opposing force seems to infiltrate this placement by pushing through or instigating activity that you may have little or no control over. Oppositions often involve others, and these people can be the ones that can create issues. Once again, these issues can be delineated by the house placement of transiting Jupiter in your personal natal chart. Jupiter, however, is not the intimidating and daunting force that Uranus and Mars would be. Jupiter expands on things and even though the potential for growth in negative terms exists, the favorable energies of Jupiter are always in play and the potential for something good coming out of this is probable.

This will be a powerful time in the lives of those that are impacted by these forces. The mandate for change is apparent and the potential for aggressive interaction is also probable.

You can have an influence in positive terms by working things out favorably for those involved and working with the energies at hand.

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